Ready to Quit?  

How much do you smoke presently?   

If you smoke a pack per day then you are spending about $50 a week on your smoking habit.   This means that your smoking habit is costing you both physically and financially.  Once you quit smoking that money is money that you can save for something you really want.  It will take 5 weeks of you being a non-smoker for you to break even on the package below.  Every week after that is money in your pocket ... to use in a way that you choose.

STOP Smoking Package

This package includes: 

     - 1:1 phone call to help learn about your smoking story.  In this call I hope to gain an understanding of why you started smoking and what keeps you smoking today.  We will discuss your triggers to smoking and barriers to quitting ... and WHY you want to quit. Homework is given during this call so that you can begin preparing to be a non-smoker.  You begin the journey by "Smoking to Quit".  This call usually lasts between 30 - 60 minutes. 

      - STOP Smoking Session -  this is the moment you make the decision to become a permanent non-smoker.  After this session you are no longer a smoker.  We will employ both NLP and hypnosis to give direction to your unconscious mind that you are making a permanent change to being a nonsmoker.   This session generally lasts 60-90 minutes (but please allow 2 hours in case it runs long). 

     -1 Week Follow-up Session - anything that challenges you over the week will be addressed in this session.  We will also reinforce the messaging to the unconscious mind.  This is important so that it knows you are serious about this change you are making. This session generally lasts between 60 - 90 minutes (typically shorter than the 1st session)

     -Recording of the Hypnosis portion of the Session - this is provided for you to listen to at night before you go to bed.  This helps to reinforce the messaging to your unconscious mind.  I will also e-mail you 2 additional recordings that you can use if your find yourself struggling for any reason or just want that additional messaging for your unconscious mind.  It is suggested that you minimally listen to the 12 minute recording each night before bed.  


COST of this Package: 

           $250 for the 1:1 phone call, STOP smoking Session, follow-up session and recording of your own personal hypnosis session as well as 2 additional recordings. 

               - Payment is expected at the time of the STOP smoking session. 

               - Payment can be made by cash, check, credit card, PayPal and Venmo