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The Magic Inside

I have for as long as I can remember been obsessed with magic. From Bewitched to the Flying Nun and onward to Sabrina, Harry Potter and Good Witch my absolute fascination with magic has continued. I love being in the energy of magic. It is creation at its best and represents our own ability for creativeness. You see, I actually believe in magic! In fact, I believe that we all possess magic, if we are willing to look inside to find it. Some people naturally make this magic happen without even realizing it. Have you ever been thinking about someone and then your phone rings and it is that exact same person you were thinking about!?! How did that happen? Or even better, your phone rings and you magically know who it is calling even though you have no way of knowing! And you answer the phone and you are right!!! Now, think about that feeling that you get when you realize that you knew in advance of answering the phone who it was (without the phone telling you who it was). To me, that feeling is the best feeling in the world! I just love it!

Most of the time this type of happening is chalked up to coincidence. But what if there was no such thing as coincidence? And even better, what if we could tap into that part of our magical selves and use it in ways that help us in our lives? Purposefully! I believe that this magic is our God given gift and that each of us possess it AND that God gave it to us because he intended for us to use it. Some choose to use it. Some use it intuitively without even realizing they are doing so. And some people, like myself, have had to learn that I have it and then had to learn how to use it intentionally. While I would love to be one of those people who just naturally possess the talent of the gift, that is not be. By having to learn it however, I am able to break it down and share with you how to tap into that divine spiritually magical part of yourself.

As humans we naturally connect with our sense of the physical ... taste, touch, smell, hearing and seeing. We relate to these senses and rely on them almost exclusively. However, we have some other senses that are equally important. We just need to learn to develop and rely on them just as we do our physical senses. I am going to speak just about one of these senses right now, because I am learning to develop it. It is exciting to learn this and I encourage you to learn and practice with me. This sense ... or gift I will call it ... is free will.

Free will is generally thought of as our ability to consciously choose ... and growing up I was taught it was the ability to choose between right and wrong. It is soooooo much more than that. It is our ability to choose our attitude and responses to things that happen in our lives. It is our ability to choose what we believe in. AND it is our ability to create. To create in our life exactly what we want and desire.

When I was young my mother used to say, "Where there is a will, there is a way." This would usually be in response to my complaining about something I was trying to do and saying it was impossible. Since my mom's passing 7 years ago, I have been guided down a path that has allowed me to understand her wisdom at a MUCH deeper level. I personally believe she is guiding me, but that is for another blog post. :-)

"Where there is a will, there is a way." This is an absolute truth. And this is where the power of free will really lies. When we really DECIDE we are going to do something our will then kicks in to connect with the powers of God's Universe to make it happen. There is magic in our will. We hold the image of what we want in our mind. We think about it all the time. We know we are going to make this happen, no matter how impossible it may have seemed even just the day before. When we DECIDED we activated our free will and gave it direction that this thing needed to happen ... no matter what. The magic of our will is that we decide we are going to do or accomplish something without having any idea of how we are going to do it. We take a leap of faith in that power greater than ourselves and we trust and believe that it is going to happen. In that moment of true decision we have activated forces greater than ourselves to create something in our lives that our will is asking for. How amazing is that!?!

Can you think of a time when you simply decided that something was going to happen and then it did? At the moment that you made that decision, you activated the magic of your free will and cut yourself off from any other possibility of an outcome. And then miraculously that thing manifested itself in your life.

The first time this happened that I recognized it I was pregnant with my first child. I was attending night school, taking psychology with my sister. The final exam was scheduled for December 17th and I said to my instructor, "What if I am not able to take the final exam because I am in labor on that day?"

The instructor said (this was early September we were having this conversation), "Is that your due date?"

I replied, "My due date is not until January 1st. Still I am going to be in labor on that day of our final exam." He looked at me perplexed, especially as our conversation revealed that this was my first pregnancy. It was the strangest thing but somehow I just knew I was going to be in labor on that day. So for the next 3 months I continually reminded him that I would be missing the final exam because I would be in labor.

The morning of the final exam appeared and I was laying in bed. I felt perfectly fine and normal. I thought to myself, "I guess I am going to class tonight and taking my final exam." I knew I didn't need to (the lowest score would be dropped, which for me would be my final) but the class was fun and I am not one to skip an exam without a very good reason. As I was laying in bed, all of a sudden I had an immediate urge to run to the bathroom. Something GI (if you get my drift). Well, run I did. And then I came back to bed and then had to run again. It took me a few times of doing this to realize that actually I was in labor. My water had broke and I was having what is referred to as "back labor" which presents differently then normal labor. And making my final exam was no longer an option because I was indeed in the hospital in labor and delivered my son in the early morning hours the next day.

I have thought of this occurrence so often over the years wondering how it happened and how I could re-create just such a thing (not the baby, I created 3 more and then had my tubes tied!). It has taken me many years to figure out how exactly that happened.

That first day of class I made a decision that I would be in labor on December 17th. This was not a pre-meditated decision but a decision all the same. I gave that decision to my will and kept it active in my mind. The more I thought about it, the more I thought it would be fun to actually be in labor on the day of my final exam. By keeping it active in my conscious mind I was implanting it in my unconscious mind. This is important because the unconscious mind is where the heavy lifting is done. It is where the connection to that unseen force of the Universe happens. The more that I stated what I first had mentioned almost jokingly, the more I came to believe that it was actually going to be the case. Long before December rolled around I had an absolute belief that I would be in labor on December 17th.

The morning of the 17th I let go of the outcome. I had been holding this outcome for 3 months now. My will kept it active in my conscious and unconscious mind. Kept it active in a fun playful way with a total belief that it not only could happen but that it would happen. And if it didn't, then okay. I would have fun showing up to class to take my final exam. Or I could skip the exam since I had a A in the class already and the final exam was not going to alter that grade. It was all good no matter what. And then because I held the image through the force of my will ... held it as a recurring image that I continuously planted in my unconscious mind ... and let go of the outcome ... the expectation of what would happen happened just as I decided it would 3 months earlier.

Now that I understand how this works I have been practicing it with other things. Because this does take practice. Up until now I have been practicing this on material things ... my car, my garden, my kitchen, a vacation (or 2 or 3). It is time to move this to my health. And this is where my invitation to join me comes in.

DECIDE what health you are going to experience in your life. Really think about what that health looks and feels like. Step into that version of your healthy self. Really allow yourself to feel that person. Get emotionally involved. Make the image in your mind brighter and bigger and right in front of you ... so close that you can almost touch it and definitely feel it. Now, step out of the image so that you see yourself in the picture. Hold that image of you in your mind and say out loud,

"This truth is clearly imaged in my conscious mind. I am planting it in my unconscious through constant space repetition and therefore it is moving into physical reality now."

Memorize that statement. Repeat it every time you think of the health you are creating. That's right. The health you are creating. Remember that your free will allows you to create this image and hold it in your conscious mind. Every time you think of it, allow yourself to see yourself in that health you are creating. Think of what you are doing. Maybe you are gardening or maybe you are down on the floor with your grandkids or maybe you are riding a bike or going for a hike. Bring that image of you doing that thing feeling so good doing it.

The image I am holding is an A1c of less than 5. I just created and set this image today. I have no idea of how I will achieve this result and also no idea of how long it will take. What I do know is that I can hold the image of me receiving my blood results with an A1c of less than 5. And the image feels so good. It is a pleasant image for me to think of. I like it. I want to spend time with this image. This image has good energy and I appreciate spending time in that energy. I am so thankful for my free will that allows me to make this decision and hold the image in my conscious mind so that it is planted in my unconscious mind through constant space repetition which is then moving it already into physical reality. And I know that this will come to pass. I may not know exactly when. I will listen for the divine intuitive guidance for the steps I need to take to make it happen. I will follow those steps. And I know that I will realize these results.

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