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Is it Really All in our Minds?

As you know I am at Master Practitioner NLP training this week. Yesterday we had a mini lesson on Quantum Physics. Really it comes down to energy and consciousness. And the power of our mind. We were cited studies on how our belief systems affect our reality. For instance, a doctor was given vicoden to give his patients ... which he did. The patients as a whole reported relief from the vicoden. The next week the doctor was given placebo vicoden to give his patients. He did. As a whole his patients reported an increase in pain. As a nurse I of course found this study quite interesting. This study (and many others like it) show that the belief of the doctor actually affects the outcome of his patients. Because they are relying on his belief. It shows how powerful our belief systems really are.

Another study they shared done by Boston University was about the benefit of mindfulness and meditation as it pertains to our health. They had

a group of patients engage in mindful meditation every day for a month. 30 days. With the intention of improving their health. At the end of 30 days the study reported that their actual genetic makeup changed! Crazy right? They actually changed the DNA in their genes by engaging in this practice.

So as I am going through this training, I cannot help but to ask myself, "How much influence do I actually have over changing my health story?"

I believe that we were created with an incredible ability to create our reality ... every facet of it. That the power is instilled within us. And each and every one of us face the challenge of figuring out how much we can tap into the God given gifts we were born with. If we can believe in an unseen God, Universe or Higher Power of some kind then why is it so difficult for us to believe that we have the power within us to change our health story? And that we were born with this power and are simply still learning how to access and use it? For me, 30 days of meditation seems like a good place to start. And its pretty simple. And it has absolutely no down side.

One day I hope to stand before you and say, "My name is Rebecca and I am a recovered Diabetic. That's right. I used to have Diabetes. And now I do not. " And if that is not my divine calling then I will be congruent with whatever that calling is including having made peace with my diagnosis and health.

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