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Intuitive Sleep?

It is still dark outside and I am up, have washed last night's dishes and am sitting here with my coffee journaling. I am amazed at how awake I feel. And how easy it has been to get up these past few mornings. You see, I have been progressively getting up earlier every morning to make my 2am wake-up call tomorrow morning easier. Traditionally when I have to get up at 2am (to catch a 6am flight out of Logan) I will hardly sleep at all ... a couple hours at best and then the flight or drive home (when dropping my daughter off for that unfathomable early flight) is nothing shy of torture. Seeing that I do not tend to sleep on planes or in moving vehicles my body revolts to the lack of sleep in the most uncomfortable way ... restless legs. It makes everything difficult. So hence my plan.

I started this plan on Monday night when I was supposed to go to bed at 9pm. I think I finally closed my eyes around midnight. Still, I faithfully got up at 5:30am Tuesday morning knowing that going to bed Tuesday night would be much easier since I got up so early. So early. Laughing. Yesterday morning I got up at 4:30am. Alexa reminded me at 8pm to go to bed. I was in bed at 10pm. I really have to work on this going to bed thing. Last night my reminder came at 7:30 and I was in bed, eyes closed by 9pm. So getting better. My alarm went off at 3:30 this morning and strangely enough I woke up and was out of bed by 4am.

So now I cannot help but to question, have I been ignoring intuitive signals about sleep? Because I am actually enjoying getting up so early. I know, crazy, right? I am the person who really likes to sleep in and believes that I should never have to wake up to an alarm clock. I am now wondering when I wake up at 4 or 5am to go pee, is this really my body's wake-up signal telling me it is time to start my day? I look at the clock, count how many hours of sleep I have gotten and then dutifully climb back into bed to ensure

I am getting as close to my full 8 hours of sleep as possible ... because I am not someone who does well on less than 8 hours of sleep. Or am I?

I do believe that sleep is very important in managing Diabetes and that lack of sleep can lead to binge eating as the body craves the energy it is lacking due to the lack of rest. However, I have not had one morsel of food after dinner because of my plan to go to bed earlier each night ... whether I succeeded at meeting that plan or not. I have focused on what needs to get done (either prep for my Master Practitioner training or work that I am trying to get completed prior to my trip) and then begun the nighttime routine of getting ready for bed. So this feels like perhaps I am receiving another divine message about really listening and paying attention to what my body and my divine guidance is telling me rather than living in a preconceived thought that I believe is intuitive but really is a belief system that I am holding fast to rather than being open and really listening.

Maybe we need to take a lesson from our pets. My dog Oscar sleeps at will. He doesn't consider if it is daylight or dark ... when he is tired, he sleeps. And when he is awake, he plays or chews his bone or chases squirrels.

Universe and all my Highest Divine Guidance, thank you for this eye opening experience. I love you. And I love all of you who read this and hope you glean just a little more insight into intuitive guidance as we move forward in life and in managing our Diabetes. God Bless.

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