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Past Life Regression

So What's the Deal with Past Life Regression? 

Past Life Regression is a form of hypnosis that allows our unconscious mind to bring us back to prior lives that we have lived.   The idea behind this type of hypnosis is that there may be some energy  from our past that has presented itself into our current life.   By acknowledging the presence of whatever it may be ... the energy or related symptom is essentially freed from the current life and the symptom resolves itself.  

Also, while experiencing a past life there are often many lessons for us to learn from that past life.  We have an opportunity to see similarities and make connections or realizations that can help us move forward in this current life.  

Example:  A client experienced a past life that in all key points mirrored this current life perfectly.  She had a lesson to learn in that past life that she did not learn and therefore was experiencing a very similar life so that she could glean those lessons in this life and then move onto something different in future lives. 

There is also an opportunity to access our higher self and obtain answers to questions that we may be struggling with.   In NLP we believe that all the resources we need are within us.  A part of this reasoning is because our higher self lives within us and our unconscious mind has access to it.  Therefore utilizing the deep trance state and understanding a lesson from our past can become the avenue to bring forward our higher self to learn and help us to move forward in the most positive way in our current life. 

I practice the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) in which we ask to speak to your Higher Self.  Your Higher Self is the part of you that connects to all that is (your God connection) and therefore has all the knowledge and power.  You can bring questions that you would like to ask and can even ask about physical ailments so that you can understand the messages behind the symptoms.  Very often in understanding the messages the symptoms may decrease or even go away all together! 

Future Life Progression? 

In some instances we may find that we have a similar pattern of behavior from life to life.  Breaking this pattern is important so that we can begin to progress in our future lives.   In some cases it may be helpful for a client to understand the likeliness of repeating yet another similar life OR moving forward in a future life due to changes that have been made in this current life.  

Future Life Progression can be helpful in providing hope and motivation for a person who is "stuck" in a certain behavior pattern.   Because of free will, future life progressions are NOT predicting the future.  At any given point our future can change simply because we change our choices and make different decisions in this present life.   Future life progression simply allows one to identify with the possibility and therefore provide hope and encouragement to make the changes necessary to move forward.  

* While you can set an intention for a specific lifetime you believe we have lived or to experience a future life, the unconscious ultimately decides what it feels is the best time and place for you to travel to and will take you there. 

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