E.A.T. Your Way to Wellness

SANDWICH Technique

     The SANDWICH Technique is actually very simple.   Think about a sandwich.  It's got all the good stuff placed in between 2 pieces of bread.  I was first taught the sandwich technique for providing feedback to my employees.   You start with a positive about their work and then bring in feedback and then end with a positive.  This technique has been shown to be received more effectively and helps the person feel supported rather than attacked.   We use this technique when providing feedback at ToastMasters as well. 

     As a part of Expanded Awareness Techniques the Sandwich approach is applied a little differently. 


    Remember that our unconscious mind does not know the difference between fact and fiction.    It also senses whether we believe something is true or not.    In NLP we use a technique called mapping to change the internal belief of something,  The Sandwich technique works along this premise.   In NLP the process involves identifying the new belief and mapping it to something that you absolutely believe is true while at the same time mapping the old belief to something you no longer believe is true.  

     The Sandwich approach uses affirmations to help change the belief so that you can bring in that something new to your life.   The idea is to use something you absolutely know is true as your first piece of bread.  Then bring in that something that you want.  State it in the present as if now ... that you already have achieved it.   Then finish the sandwich off with another absolute truth.   

     What happens is that because you absolutely believe the 2 pieces of bread, the meat (or veggies) inside the sandwich then are covered with that absolute belief and your unconscious mind can more easily accept it as real.  Once it accepts it as real it will work to bring it to your reality. 

A Few Things to Remember: 

  • Remember to see yourself in the picture.  This creates a "move towards" for the unconscious mind. 

  • Remember to state in the present as if you have it already now.  

  • In each statement really feel the truth of the statement.  Reflect on how that truth feels. 

  • Make sure each truth is a positive truth.  Something that makes you smile and feel good. 

  • Repeat this affirmation every time you look in the mirror.