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About Hypnosis


          How many times have you set a resolution that days, weeks or months later simply gets forgotten and you are back to your old habits?  I know I’ve done that more times than I can count.  That is why I am so excited about hypnosis! 

         Hypnosis is simply a state that allows us to open the connection between our conscious and unconscious mind.   When we open this connection we can more clearly direct our unconscious mind to help us achieve goals that we want to achieve making the process so much easier.   Let me ask you a question; is it easier to walk the dog because you want to walk the dog or because you have to walk the dog?  How about going to the gym?   Or studying for your next test?   

When our unconscious mind is on board, we still face the same temptations and obstacles, however, our motivation and desire is different making our response to those temptations or obstacles different as well.  


          Hypnosis is a natural state that we go in and out of every day throughout the day.   Since it is a natural state, it is something that we can access purposefully ... which is what we do in hypnotherapy sessions.  Simple, easy, painless and effortless.  

     I like to think of the conscious mind as the General and the Unconscious Mind as the army.  The General must give the orders before the army can carry them out.   However, if the army does not receive a clear message then it may not carry out the correct orders.   Worse yet, what if the army doesn't receive the orders at all?

     Around the age of 8 years old we develop a filter between our conscious and unconscious.  This filter is designed to protect the infrastructure and image of the world that has been created in your unconscious.   This filter distorts, deletes and generalizes information so that once it passes through it is congruent with what the unconscious mind already knows and believes. 

     Say that you want to quit smoking.  You set the date and say, "after today I am non-smoker".   Now people who have a great connection with their unconscious already can do this and never smoke again.  However, many people have not yet established that connection.  So the message they send comes down to the unconscious as "we should not quit smoking because change is bad" or something similar to that.   You may then abstain from smoking so long as you are consciously staying away from cigarettes.   Then after a while your conscious mind gets focused on something different and before you even realize what you have done, you are lighting up a cigarette ... and the conscious mind is happy because it did not have to make that scary change. 

     It is because of the filter that the message was never communicated in a way that the unconscious is aware of and then agreeable to.  

     In hypnosis we open the connection between the conscious and the unconscious and then we give the command in a way that your unconscious can understand.   Your unconscious receives the message and then your conscious and unconscious can work together in harmony towards achieving that intention of becoming a non-smoker.  Just like the General and the Army.  

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