Fears and Phobias

         Fears and phobias can be paralyzing creating much unnecessary anxiety and stress.  Very often the fear is related to not having control.  The reality is though that we allow the fear/phobia to take our control ... we give it control by allowing it to rule us. 

      Fortunately there are some rather simple solutions that can help to overcome fears and phobias using a combination of NLP and Hypnosis.   By giving our unconscious mind a new and different way to look at things we are able to release those old patterns of thought and take control back. 



It only takes an instant for change to occur ... what takes time is being ready for that change. 

Have a fear or phobia you would like to let go of? 


     Fears are developed because an event happens in your life (usually early childhood) and the unconscious mind attaches a meaning and emotion to that event.  And then every time a similar event happens that same meaning is automatically applied.  After many years of holding that feeling, it can feel like the feeling is controlling you.  

     The process that we use to let go of fears is so great because it allows you to release the fear without having to experience it.   We ask your unconscious to work with you and help you to identify the first time that an event occurred where this emotion and meaning were applied.   We then look to see what different meaning could have been applied to the event.  By changing the meaning we can then let go of the emotion because the emotion is no longer appropriate to the meaning.   Once we let go at the root cause even the unconscious mind can then let go of all subsequent events so that we are no longer holding onto that energy block in our body.