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E.F.T. (Tapping)

         EFT originally gained its notice because it was so effective in helping veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.  This simple process was actually found to work better than some of the harsher (and painful) treatments that were being used.   



     Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) otherwise known as Tapping is a simple process that helps to work with your energy systems to create behavior change. This energy is often referred to as Chi or Qi.    By tapping on specific points we can clear energy is causing anxiety or causing us to hold on to habits or beliefs that are no longer serving us. 

          Each time we experience an unresolved emotion it creates a blockage in our energy system which can get in the way of us achieving our desired goals. Tapping on these acupressure points allows us to clear
those blockages freeing up our way to reach our release resistance. 

The process is very simply and takes only minutes to complete.  It can be done anywhere and is very easy to do.  And even better, there is no wrong way to do tapping.

Tapping can be done alone or in combination with other modalities such as hypnosis.  When a person is holding on to resistance and not realizing the results they are seeking as quickly as they desire; tapping can release resistance and create space for the suggestions to be better received.  


There are eleven points that we tap on.  Each point relates to a specific area of the body that may be holding on to resistance.   It is not necessary to know what point belongs to what area; it is only important to tap on the areas.  

Karate Chop Points - if you have ever taken (or watched) martial arts you may have seen movements that use the side of the hand (on the pinky side) called the karate chop point.  This point is used to break boards or in certain attack movements.   

     By simply tapping the karate chop points of each hand together and making statement about what you are looking to change, the energy shift begins to occur.  Starting with the karate chop points is always the starting point for tapping.    Sometimes when used prior to hypnosis it is all that is required. 

Basic Technique - the basic technique begins by starting with the karate chop points and speaking about what you are trying to change.  Expressing honestly is important.  Maybe you don't really deep down inside want to give it up; acknowledge that while tapping on your karate chop points.   When you are done expressing what you want and what you truly believe is holding you back, end with a statement that expresses that you love and accept yourself.  This acceptance statement is very important.  It begins the process of opening the energy channels.  

After doing a couple of rounds on the karate chop points (each time ending with your love and acceptance of yourself) we begin tapping on the 11 points.  Each point we tap on 5-7 times (approximately) stating the thing we are trying to change.  Express your frustration, aggravation or any other sentiment that feels true to you.  Expressing sincerely is important so use your own words. When you reach the point on the top of your head (last point in the series) acknowledge what you want instead of what you are currently experiencing.  

Continue the rounds until you feel your frustration level decrease.  It is helpful to rate your frustration, pain, anxiety, etc. on a scale of 0 - 10 with 10 being the absolute worst.  After 3 rounds of tapping stop and evaluate how you are doing on the scale.   Once you reach a level less than 3 (preferably 0) you can complete a "positive" round by only stating what you desire.  

This technique is surprisingly effective and you can use it as often as you want whenever you feel your stress level increase (or cravings surface).  In some cases you release the resistance for an indefinite span of time.  Other times you need to repeat the process until your body becomes accustomed to the the release before it becomes permanent. 

Man doing EFT on the under lip point. Em

   EFT works by "Tapping" along the meridian to help create harmony and balance with our mind, body, and emotions. Tapping offers acceptance while releasing resistance.

   Tapping can be used to release anxiety, resistance and also food sensitivities. 

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