E.A.T. Your Way to Health and Wellness

     "Hello.  My name is Rebecca.   I am a recovering Diabetic and a sugar addict."  

     Does that sound harsh?  Maybe to some it does but for me it is reality.  I never realized I was addicted to sugar until I wasn't allowed to have it.  I still hate how that sounds ... not allowed to have it.  But that was my reality.  At least in the beginning.   I was 3 weeks into not having any conscious sugar and feeling worse than I ever did before I learned my blood sugar was sky high ... I mean really high!  I would have been devastated having a blood sugar of 200 and an A1c of 8 (less than 5.7 is considered normal).   I blew those numbers out of the park!  

     You see, when the Universe wants to get your attention, it will keep sending messages and if you are not receivng those messages it will do something to REALLY grab your attention.  And boy did it want mine!  A LOT!  Even while in disbelief, I began immediately on taking steps to improve my health.  And what a journey it has been!  Which is why I am here sharing my story with you. 

     I recently learned in a coaching group I belong that a part of my driving force is "mastery" which means that I am going to research and learn and then research some more so that I can provide excellence of information and practice for myself and others.   You see, I believe that we are all extraordinary and my purpose is to help each of us tap into that higher consciousness ... that magical part of ourselves.   

     When I received that "Diabetes" diagnosis, I read (and still am reading) everything I could to learn about it and the best ways to manage it.   I didn't just read about Diabetes though.  I read about health and learned about our higher faculties and their ability to influence and even direct our health outcomes.  And so I developed E.A.T. as a way to help create that lasting change that is essential to maintaining good health and wellness. 

     Expanded Awareness Techniques are techniques that help us to tap into our own inner guiding system.  Once we have developed a relationship and practiced the skill of accessing it, we can utilize it to guide us to the steps of improved health and maintaining wellness.   I came to the awareness of the need for this because of the plethora of information out there in managing chronic illness.  There is too much information and it is all conflicting.  How are we supposed to know what is best for us?  Each person has their own opinion and believes that their way is the only right way (kind of like religion and politics, isn't it?).   I believe that we are  all individuals ... which means that one size does not fit all.  Which means what works perfectly for me may be disastrous for you, and vice versa.   So how do we know what the right way is?  

     We have all the answers right inside us.  We always have.  We have just never been taught how to access those answers.   That's where E.A.T. comes in.   It is about teaching you to access those God given gifts of our higher faculties and connecting to the answers by turning on that inner guiding system.  And the great news is, the more we practice, the better we get at it.  

     A few years ago I was out marketing.  I work at a Wound Care center and a part of my job is to visit doctor's offices and share education.   It was predicted to be a snowy day.  Since I was not seeing the snow I decided to head out.  Everything was going so swimmingly well that I decided I would head to one more doctor's office before calling it a say.   I knew there was a shortcut road that could get me there in a reasonable time.   As I was about to take the road a little teenie tiny voice in my head suggested I should not take this route even though it was quicker.  I rationalized with the voice, my biggest consideration being that I was low on gas and this road would take me where I needed to go and I could get gas when I entered Lincoln.  Using my conscious rationalization and deductive reasoning skills, I made the decision to take the road in spite of the voice.   I should have recognized the next message from the Divine as I found myself driving behind a snow plow and sander ... when there was no snow!   Still, I pursued thinking that as long as I was behind the sander/plow I was safe.   And then the sander pulled over to the side of the road ... and I was forced to pass it.   

     As I continued on my way the snow began to fall as I climbed to a higher and higher elevation.  At first it was just a few flakes.   Before I knew it I was in a full blown blizzard!  I was driving a 4WD Jeep so still held my confidence that all was well, even though I was driving only about 10-15 mph by now.  I crested the top of the mountain and began the descent and this is where I realized that I in trouble.  In spite of all my efforts my little red Renegade was gaining speed down the mountain.  This was not good.  I tried pumping my brakes and the whole car began to spin in a circle ... across the whole road!    I turned my wheel to the right and turned my wheel to the left knowing that if I skidded too far in either direction I would go off the road and into a deep steep ditch.   Finally I came to a halt facing the opposite direction ... but still on the road.   My heart was racing and my hands trembling.   I looked up to the snowy sky and said, "Okay, I should have listened."  I took a moment to regain some semblance of composure before slowly backing the car up and turning around so I was back on the right side of the road.   I then looked up again and said, "You made your point, I got it.   Thank you for keeping me safe.   Please get me to a gas station before I run out of gas."    My tank was now showing no bars of gas left and I still had to descend the mountain before coming into town for gas.  

     My Higher Divine Faculties was giving me information that I needed and I purposefully, consciously chose to ignore the warning.   I am blessed that I made it across that mountain unscathed and have tried to honor that "little voice" when I hear it now.   As I was driving home from the gas station (I never stopped at that last doctor's office; I was still traumatized with my harrowing drive)  the sun came out and shown brightly.  The Universe absolutely has a sense of humor, doesn't it?  Who would believe that just 20 minutes earlier I was in a full blown blizzard!

   We ALL have intuition and that little voice inside of us guiding us.   Sometimes we get so busy in our lives that we don't hear it.  The voice is subtle and soft and is best heard when in a quiet place.   This is one of the reasons that meditation is so helpful.  It helps us to access the quiet.   This helps us to connect to our spiritual gifts.   It is said that prayer is when we talk to God.   Intuition ... that little voice ... is God talking back to us.  I think its worth developing a better relationship with that part of myself.  It is magical!