A triple decker is a BIG sandwich!  You must have a hearty appetite in order to even consider eating that sandwich, right?  So what is it about the triple decker that entices you?   Is it the size of the sandwich?  Or that it contains so much meat?  Or that there is so much flavor intermingled between the multiple pieces of bread?   Whatever it is, when you go for the triple decker sandwich you are going BIG!  Well you can E.A.T. big too!  

     In Price Pritchett's book, The Quantum Leap, he describes a ritual that I would like to introduce as E.A.T. #3.   We will call it the TRIPLE DECKER approach or technique.   This process is about really tapping into your unconscious mind specifically from a health perspective and making the shift on an unconscious level that sends the message to your body about being healthy.  The idea behind a quantum leap is that you make a big shift quickly.  This can only be done when we make a big shift in our unconscious mind.  To do this we must be willing to let go of how you do things now.   We all have foods or behaviors that we think we can't live without.   The truth is that those very same beliefs are what are holding you in the place you are currently in.  

     Have you ever noticed how people tend to reflect the same body image or image of health even after years of time have passed?   I was recently at my eye doctor's.  My glasses frames had broken and I wanted to get a new pair before I head away on vacation.  With COVID-19 being a great excuse, I have avoided having an eye exam that I am pretty sure I am overdue on.  I have been seeing this same eye doctor (they are a husband/wife team) since I moved to New Hampshire so for over 20 years now.  As we chatted catching up on the family and happenings and whatnot I was struck by how they are both essentially the same in the physical physique.   She has always been just a little overweight and reflected the same, wearing the same kind of outfits.  And the same for him.  Maybe he was filled out a little more but essentially the same and again wearing the same type of outfits.  No matching sweaters on this day but since it was 90 degrees out it is reasonable that it might not be the best day to wear a sweater.  

     I began to think about the unconscious programming that leads to keeping things the same.   There is a saying, "If you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got."   This is the best explanation of our unconscious mind.  It LIKES to keep things the same because it interprets it as safe.    If you are overweight, it will work to keep you overweight.  If you have health issues it will keep you thinking about and encountering health issues.  If on the contrary you tend to be healthy and always consider yourself healthy it will work to keep you healthy.   

     My sister for years was as skinny as could be.  She never considered her weight and she never focused on food.  She only began to gain weight when she shifted her mindset and focus.  When food began to become therapy for her.  Then she began to gain weight and has struggled with her weight ever since.  Food was never intended to be therapy for us.  It is intended to nourish our bodies so our bodies can be healthy and strong.   However, it is prevented by doing so when our beliefs get in the way.   And we often develop these beliefs without ever realizing that we do. 

     The TRIPLE DECKER approach starts to address these beliefs at the unconscious level and overwrites them to tell a new story.  It works in conjunction with the sandwich technique.    Instead of affirmations we are going to address the whole story.  Which means we have to be willing to let go of how we do it now.  So here's the process: 


1.  Get still.  Be quiet in your mind and with yourself.  Taking a few deep belly breaths and letting them out slowly can help you get into this place. 

2.  Draw or create a symbol or picture of your desired health state.  It could be a number (cholesterol or A1c) that represents. your overall health or a picture of something you want to be able to do.  For me it is a picture of me down on my knees gardening and able to get up easily and effortlessly.   Imbed this image into your mind.  See it clearly.  Feel what it is like for this image to be your present state of being. 

3.  State out loud your goal as if it has already happenedBegin with, "I am so happy and grateful now that I am living in my perfectly healthy state.   It feels so good to .......... "  Finish this statement with what your healthy goal is. State this goal out loud while looking at yourself in the mirror.  Memorize the goal so that each time you wash your hands in the bathroom you can look in the mirror and state your goal.  Smile at yourself as you say the goal to yourself. 

4.  Sit for at least 10 minutes visualizing the goal.  Visualize what it feels like to be in this healthy state.  What do you look like.  How is your confidence level?  How do you act now that you have acquired this state of health you had been seeking.  Tap into the knowledge and that sense of "knowing" that you will be in this state of health for the foreseeable future because the change happened at an unconscious level.   That you were divinely guided to become this healthy person and that simply by tapping into that divine intuition you will remain in this health.   

     You will know you are in the realization of this goal when a smile forms across your face as you do this process.  It is inevitable.   And if there is no smile then simply keep practicing; it will come. 

5.   Write down what you learned and intuited.  If nothing comes to mind, its all good,  simply write down what you experienced.   

6.   Write down, "I am making a quantum leap now.  My health is better than it has ever been and I keep getting better and better. 

I am divinely inspired and follow my intuition in regards to my health.  I trust that my Higher Self knows exactly how to keep me healthy.  I have let go of every belief that I have ever held regarding food, diet and health and simply trust my intuition.  I am open to trying new things and following this inner guidance.  This truth is clearly imaged in my conscious mind and is planted in my unconscious through constant spaced repetition therefore it has no choice but to move into physical reality now." (Quantum Leap by Price Pritchett)


Do this process at least once a day, twice if you can manage it  ... morning and night is best.   Do this process for at least 30 consecutive days.   If you miss a day, don't worry about it just continue to do it (even longer than 30 days).    And never underestimate the power of our unconscious mind.   It was divinely given to us for a reason.   It is our choice as to whether we choose to tap into that power.   




Want to really dive deep into your unconscious to break through those barriers to good health?  Contact me to learn about scheduling a Breakthrough Session. 


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