Allow yourself to see, what you don't allow yourself to see.


Past Life Regression

only $100!!!

If booked prior to December 31st 2020

Milton H. Erickson


Hypnosis and  NLP

Past Life Regression

Motivational Speaking

   In Hypnosis your unconscious mind becomes very receptive to positive suggestions; especially when those suggestions are tied to a goal you already want to achieve.

   Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) uses each person's specific language style to understand how they give and receive information and then applying that specific language style to create instant change in a person's neurology. 

How can our past lives help us in this current one?  By exploring past lives we have an opportunity to identify with something that we may be struggling with in our current life ... or we may simply receive confirmation of the path we are currently going down.  


Our unconscious mind will bring you to the life it feels will serve and benefit you the most.  



   Sharing familiar stories is a great way to effectively resonate and help open minds so that receptiveness may be realized and change may occur.  

   Rebecca is passionate about helping facilitating the change process by creating increased awareness and helping to change perception.  After all, perception is reality. 

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